Summer Art Camp for Kids Big Success

pedersens drawing classTwenty-five children, ages five and half to fourteen, attended this summer’s week long art camp.

Four different classes met daily for two hour sessions:  Fine Art for Kids with Bjorn Lundeen, Acting & Improv with Willa Childress, Circus Arts with Sierra Gjerde,  and Drawing Monsters, Robots & Fairies with Ryan Pedersen.

Final presentations were held on Friday for each of the sessions, giving parents, grandparents, and community members a chance to see what the students learned.

Photo by John Freethy:  Ryan Pedersen’s class ‘Drawing Monsters, Fairies, and Robots’, shares their work and some really ‘monstrous’ faces.




Workshop for Young Writers

BlankThe Manzanita Writers’ Series coordinators are pleased to announce a class for young writers to prepare their writing work for submission to publications.

Open to students entering grades 5 through 9 in September, 2014, the class will help students take a favorite writing piece, and to perfect it through peer feedback and a guided editing process.  They will also become acquainted with the submission process and explore publishing sites.  Ultimately, students will finalize a piece to submit to the North Coast Squid literary journal.

“With the new submission categories at the Squid, there’s an opportunity for local young writers to submit their work this year,” says Deb Simmons, who developed the class and will be teaching it.  “We’re hoping a regular writing group will grow out of this experience.”

The class, which runs 6 days, Monday through Wednesday for two consecutive weeks (July 7,8,9,14,15,16), from 10 to 12:30, will be held at the Nehalem Elementary Computer Lab/Library.

Along with submitting their work, the final class will feature an Open Mic at the Hoffman Center.

The class fee is $70 and materials are included.  Students should bring a sack lunch for each day’s “Talk About Writing Lunch”.

A third generation Oregonian and graduate of OSU, Deb Simmons completed the Masters of Teaching (MAT) program at Lewis & Clark College with certification in Language & Literacy.  She studied at the NW Writing Institute under Kim Stafford and is a ‘graduate’ of their Oregon Writers Project.

After thirty-five years of teaching (the last 13 at Nehalem Elementary), Deb retired in September, 2013 to devote more time to writing and writing instruction with young people.  She mentors teachers, has trained student teachers, and served on two school boards (both in Portland).

Deb and her husband of forty years live in Neahkahnie.

Click here to download a registration form.  Or, contact Deb Simmons at 503.739.3350 or via


Announcing Classes for the 2014 Kids Summer Art Camp

logo panel copy (2)Classes for the 2014 Kids Summer Art Camp have been announced!  During the week of August 4-8th, the Hoffman Center will host 5 classes in the arts for children ages 6 through 17.

Morning classes will be held from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm and will include:

FINE ART FOR KIDS (Ages 6-17) with Bjorn Lundeen This class will introduce fine art techniques to kids in a format that is beginner friendly and fun. The students will learn methods of representational drawing which include how to measure and draw things in proportion, how to draw light and shadow, beginning color, introduction to composition, and how to communicate ideas with subject matter. Drawing materials will be provided such as charcoal pencils, erasers, and paper. This is a great way to introduce young artists to some advanced art techniques in a relaxed, no pressure setting.  Students are welcome to bring appropriate subject matter of their choice to draw, or have the choice of using objects provided by the instructor. No prior art experience is necessary, each student will be instructed at his/her individual level. Above all the goal is to have fun with art and get creative!

MYSTERIOUS, STRANGE & UNUSUAL: A Creative Writing Workshop (Ages 10-17) with Mindy Hardwick Haunted castles, ghostly sightings and things that go bump in the night all spark great stories. But how do we craft our tales so they are believable to readers? In this hands-on writing workshop, we’ll explore how to build suspense and tension in plot, craft compelling characters and design a mysterious setting. Writers will try some flash fiction, short stories and even a few poems. We’ll share our writing with each other in a workshop setting. Bring those stories which haunt you and let’s turn them into mysterious tales which can be told around beach bonfires.

BEHIND THE SCENES: From Acting to Improv (Ages 7-14) with Willa Childress Come join us and discover the world of the performing arts! During this camp we look at the most basic elements of performances, learn to think on our feet, and take turns directing and being directed. Throughout the week, we will create our own characters and personalities and then stage interactions between these characters. Much of the camp will be focused on theories of improvisation, introducing a variety of improv games that welcome creativity, collaboration with friends, and lots of fun.

Afternoon classes will be held from 2:00  – 4:00 pm and will include:

MONSTERS, FAIRIES & ROBOTS: Drawing from the Imagination (Ages 6-17) with Ryan Pedersen We’re going to learn to draw with the most limitless tool we have: the imagination.  It’s a dessert-before-dinner approach to learning: we’ll juxtapose the fictional, creative inspirations that make us passionate to create (…like dinosaurs and spaceships!), and combine them with fundamental drawing practices to make art fun and learning simple.  Students will work with form, weight and expression in their drawings, learn to broaden their idea of “line” and inherit specific, life-long drawing techniques rather than memorizing abstract rules to follow.  It’s art for the sake of fun and enrichment, turning practice from chore to recreation while we work toward our final, framed masterpiece from the student’s own imagination.

CIRCUS ARTS IN MANZANITA (Ages 6-17) with Sierra Gjerde Circus Arts in Manzanita? That’s right, the great NorthWest is teaming with circus enthusiasts and we even reside here in this little community. I am proud to join the Hoffman Center this summer to bring a taste of the exuberance this art form brings. We will be doing lots of character development through improvisation games, round robin shares and various exercises in juggling, poi, basic acrobatics and slap stick theater. The class will conclude with a small showcase of skills learned, musical expression during playtime and showcase encouraged!! Come and feel free to express yourself.

All classes are $65 per student, which includes materials.  If the same child enrolls in both a morning and afternoon class, there is a $5 discount per class. Full and partial scholarships are available for those who need financial assistance.  If so, please contact us before registering.


For a downloadable brochure click here for Front or Back.

Registration Form is available here.

The Reptile Man is Back on July 12th

reptile man picThis FREE children’s event July 12th from 3-4 pm is sponsored by the Tillamook County Library, and features The Reptile Man, Richard Ritchey.  Richard will present 17 real reptiles that are included in a 1 hour show designed to educate and entertain.

He has 38 years experience working with reptiles, and all snakes are no longer venomous.

If you haven’t seen Reptile Man yet, you are in for a treat. This is as much fun for adults as it is for kids!

For more info on the Reptile Man, check out his website

2013 Summer Art Camps Set

HC SC Brochure 2013 Front Page HC SC Brochure 2013 Back PageThe Hoffman Center in Manzanita will host three art camps for kids this summer. The camps, following a theme of international culture, will be held the week of July 29 to Aug 2 at the Center building at 594 Laneda Ave. in Manzanita.

“Shadow Theater” (ages 6 – 10) will explore the art and history of this ancient craft. The campers will learn to create their own puppet play, and the week will end with a performance for family and friends. Led by Lynn Thomas, the camp will cost $65, with an additional $5 lab fee. Hours: 10 a.m. to noon daily.

“From Baobab to Douglas Fir – An Art Journey” (ages 8 -12) will explore the world of trees and their environments through adventures in watercolor, pen and ink, pastels and charcoal. Led by Angelle Soans, this camp will cost $65, with an additional $10 lab fee. Hours 10 a.m. to noon daily.

“Totems, Amulets and Talismen” (ages 8 – 12) students will learn to hand-build small animal figures from a variety of materials, based on animal totems, Japanese netsuke, amulets and imagery from mythology. Led by Kathleen Ryan, the camp will cost $65, with an additional $15 lab fee. Hours: 1 to 3 p.m. daily.

Lunch Bunch. New this year is an opportunity for art campers to stay at the Hoffman Center over the noon hour and be supervised while they eat their own sack lunches. The fee for this supervision is $15 per child for the whole week.

A limited number of scholarships will be available, thanks to a grant from the Juan Young Trust. Parents should ask about the scholarships when registering.

Register by visiting the Hoffman Center Web site at and downloading the brochure; by phoning (503) 368-3846; or by e-mailing All registrations must be received and paid in full by July 24.


Strong Voices Workshop Publishes Literary Magazine

The ‘Strong Voices’ writing workshop for young adults has published a literary magazine of selected writings.  The workshop, held in July 2012, focused on honing voice and message with the guidance of local writer/teacher Holly Lorincz.

A handful of writers, ranging from 12 to 20 sat in a hot room, smelling the Pacific Ocean steaming under a July sun.  Instead of swimming, they hoisted cheap pens, covering page after page of spiral notebooks with ink, spilling a wide range of emotions and ideas into the open.  The outcome?  A truly inspired collection of writing.  Click here to read the work of some of those students.

Photo:  Teacher Holly Lorincz (center of back row) and writers from the Strong Voices workshop.


Summer Kids’ Camp Line-Up Announced

The Hoffman Center unveiled it’s new line-up for the summer kids’ camps. We will host eight art camps and two drama camps for kids this summer. Sessions will be held at the Center building at 594 Laneda Ave. in Manzanita.

The first drama camp will be held July 23-27. “Drama Light” (Ages 7+) Students will memorize a favorite poem and, after learning presentation techniques, perform it on stage during a final performance. Led by Aina Tonjes. Cost $65. Hours: 10 a.m. to noon daily.

The eight art camps will all be held the week of Jul. 30 – Aug. 3, with morning or afternoon sessions. Each camp will cost $65.

“Global Art Beat” (Ages 5-10) Students will learn to play instruments from Brazilian, African and Native American traditions. The kids will also learn to make costumes from each culture. The week will culminate in a music performance in costume. Hours: 10 a.m. to noon. Led by Lynn Thomas.

In “Tell Your Story: Poetry and Art Journal Workshop” (Ages 10-14) Students will learn new ways to tell their own stories – in poems and art journaling. Addressing hopes and dreams, treasures and secrets, monsters and scars. Hours: 10 a.m. to noon. Mindy Harwick will lead the camp.

“Beginning Basket Weaving” (Ages 9+) Students will work with reeds and other natural items. Additional embellishments, such as beads, can be added during the process. Hours: 10 a.m. to noon. Led by Marilyn Anderson.

“Adventures in Drawing” (Ages 8-12) Students will work creatively with pencil, pen and charcoal and learn how shape and line form the real world and imaginary ones. Hours: 10 a.m. to noon. Led by Angelle Soans.

“Gnomes, Homes, and Adventure” (Ages 5-8) Students will make clay sculptures of gnomes, trolls or elves, and then collect found objects to create an outdoor structure that would become their homes. Hours: 1 – 3 p.m. Led by Steve Albrechtsen.

“Writing from Life: Flash Fiction for Teens” (Ages 12-19) Students will learn to write short, fast and fun flash fiction by drawing on life for ideas — including the scary, the sweet and the downright strange. Publishing markets for teens will also be covered. Hours: 1-3 p.m. Led by Mindy Harwick.

“Traditional Mexican Coconut Masks” (Ages 10+) Students will use coconut shells as a basis to form facial masks using cones, seeds, pods and other natural items. The masks will be finished with plaster of Paris, paint and a sealant. Hours: 1-3 p.m. Led by Sharon Borgford.

“Adventures in Modern Painting” (Ages 8-12) Students will learn to make their own paintbrushes and mix paint, be introduced to the works of Miro, Klee, Kandinsky and Matisse, and experiment with the Modern abstract painting style. Hours: 1-3 p.m. Led by Peggy Biskar.

“We Are the World, Musical Theatre Creative Workshop” (Ages 6-12) Three-week class will run from Aug. 6–24. Students will learn vocal technique, acting, movement and basic musical theatre production. They will also create their own theatrical dialogue/narrative in a musical review format. A final performance will be presented for families on the last day of the class. Hours: 10 a.m. to noon. Led by Susan St. John. Cost: $100

A limited number of scholarships will be available, thanks to the support of local businesses, art lovers and a grant from the Juan Young Trust. Parents should ask about the scholarships when registering

Click here and here to download both pages of the registration form, or phone (503) 368-3846; or e-mail All registrations must be received and paid in full by July 20.

Save the Date for Strong Voices Writing Camp July 16-20

Young writers are encouraged to sign up for a new opportunity this summer.  STRONG VOICES is a writing camp for 14 to 20 year olds led by an accomplished writing teacher, culminating with a publication of the camp’s best writing and an Open Mic night.  The camp runs Monday through Thursday, July 16th through July 19th, (from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.)  and culminates in an Open Mic for the community on Friday, July 20th from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Camp Description:  Do you ever find yourself ignored, suppressed or construed as inappropriate? Do you write witty, insightful Facebook posts that lead to unforeseen arguments? Or hand in a serious essay only to have the teacher think you’re mocking the assignment? Or do you just want to practice writing well?  Then this camp is for you.   Teacher/writer Holly Lorincz wlll help you use persuasive essay and short story formats to consciously craft a message and unique personal voice while understanding your impact on the reader.

Camp will feature lectures, guided writing times, as well as instructor and small group feedback. Journals, handbooks and writing utensils will be provided. Upon request, work will be scored as a h.s. portfolio entry.  Writers must provide lunch, transportation and $65 fee.

To reserve your spot mail the Strong Voices registration form with your check to the Hoffman Center, PO Box 678, Manzanita, OR 97130

Dance and Drama Classes for Kids in February

Dance instructor, Joyce Edelstein (pictured in orange shirt), with a recent class of young dancers

Preschool Dance with instructor Joselyn Edelstein

4 week class in February
Tuesdays 2-3pm
$40 for all 4 (can make weekly payments, but it is not a drop in class)
older children ok with instructor approval

Jocelyn Edelstein has studied modern dance, hip hop,kundalini yoga, Afro Brazilian Folkloric Dance and Capoeria for the past 10years.  Edelstein’s studies have taken her from Oregon to Brazil and back again where she has taught classes and workshops for ages ranging from 3 to 80 years old.  Edelstein is the founder of the Urban Body Project, a multi-media organization that explores the relationship between dance and community.  UBP is currently in post production for their upcoming feature length documentary, Believe The Beat. More info on her classes can be found at

Class Description: Intro to Dance for Kids!

This class for beginners will introduce basic movement derived from various styles, including ballet, modern, hip hop and Brazilian folkloric dance forms. Our class will use dance, games and imagination to explore movement concepts and rhythm. The class is open to pre-school children ages 3-4. Please wear clothing that is comfortable to move in. Dance shoes optional. Water bottle recommended.

 Introduction to Stage with instructor Annie Naranjo-Rivera

4 week class in February
Wednesdays 2-3pm
$40 for all 4 (can make weekly payments, but it is not a drop in class)
older children ok with instructor approval

Annie Naranjo-Rivera has taught both visual and performing arts classes for over 10 years. She has been blessed with the opportunities to act, direct, stage manage, choreograph, and participate in costume and set design for numerous note worthy children’s theaters for over 10 years. Naranjo-Rivera currently runs the drama program for Nea-kah-nie Middle School, where the children are preparing to put on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz this upcoming spring.In addition, Naranjo-Rivera has taught everything from playwriting, to improvisational acting, to voice with children of all ages in both Clatsop and Tillamook counties. Naranjo-Rivera runs the Hoffman Center’s Art and Drama Camp for Kids, which will be headed into it’s fourth summer this year. Information about past classes and theater performances can be found at by selecting Art Camp and Drama Camp categories.

Class Description: Intro to the Stage for Kids!

This entry level class will allow kids to play and explore the imaginary world of the stage. We will learn about storytelling, costumes and make some of our own props to tell famous stories.Each child will learn to develop their own unique “voice” on the stage and have a blast doing it. We will practice movement, singing with instruments, will play improvisational acting games and possibly make up some games of our own! This class is open to pre-school children ages 3-4.Please wear clothing that is comfortable to move in. Water bottle recommended.

If a child is enrolled in both classes there is a $10 discount–$70 for both.

Complete the Spring Dance and Drama Brochure to register and mail it to PO Box 678 Manzanita 97130.