“Wine and Weed” Volunteer Day

IMG_5868The next “Wine and Weed” event is on Wednesday, July 29th. Please join us from 4-6.  Weeding, gravel spreading and, a special assignment will be part of the fun!

Beverages, snacks and good conversation will be enjoyed!

We need someone with a gas powered weed eater.

Hope to see you!
Call Karen Babbitt with questions.

Hoffman Center Awarded Lighting Grant

IMG_4618The Hoffman Center in Manzanita has been awarded a Tillamook PUD Community Support Grant to install LED track lighting in its gallery presentation areas.

The $2,790 grant will enable the Center to purchase enough additional track lighting to complete the long-planned project, and arrange for Chesnut Electric to do the installation.

“Glenna Gray, one of our key volunteers, encouraged lighting and other improvements to ensure future art displays are easier to view,” said project manager Dave Dillon. “We are grateful for her vision and impetus to pursue the TPUD funds.”

Hoffman Center Meeting Draws Ideas

The Hoffman Center held a special meeting Apr. 23 to solicit ideas about the center in the wake of a decision to close down their studio building. The building was shuttered due to concerns about its safety.

“There was a strong desire that we not sell the studio building lot, but retain it for a future structure that would be compatible with and complimentary to the library,” said Center president David Dillon. “People felt that is what Lloyd and Myrtle Hoffman envisioned when they left their property and assets to the community.”

“The building, located at 595 Laneda Ave, will still be torn down – and soon,” Dillon added.

A group of attendees volunteered to form a Mortgage Retirement Committee to address paying down the mortgage on the Center’s main building, located at 594 Laneda Ave.

Another group offered to form an Advisory Committee to take a long-term view of the Center and its future. That would include what and when to build on the soon-to-be vacant studio building land.

“It was a good idea to bring in so many people with good ideas,” said Dillon. “Having cultural activities, including the library on both sides of Laneda, the intersection would be the cultural hub of north Tillamook County and a more beautiful entry into Manzanita.”

Hoffapalooza 2011 a Great Success

Our first  Hoffapalooza, held Saturday, July 23, 2011 was conceived as an opportunity to show off the wide variety of programs that go on at the Hoffman Center, and to show them off all at once. In a six-hour timespan we had hundreds of people come through the building. A frequent comment, even from full-locals, was, “I had no idea there was this much going on.” It was great to hear that. It meant we were successful.

Check the gallery for some photos of the big day.

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Hoffapalooza is Coming!

The Hoffman Center in Manzanita host its first Hoffapalooza Saturday, July 23 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to highlight and celebrate the programs and activities that take place at north Tillamook County’s art, culture and education center.

“We’ve been making physical and program improvements to the Center over the past few months and felt the summertime would be a great opportunity to show off what we’re all about,” said event organizer and board member John Freethy. “Considering the scope of what goes on here, ‘Hoffapalooza’ seemed a great name for the event.”

Visitors will be invited to explore a number of family-friendly activities, including clay, drawing, writing, reading, drama, music, letterpress, and book and paper arts. Program volunteers will be on hand to demonstrate and discuss each activity.

“Hoffapalooza” will also feature performances throughout the day by local musicians, dramatic or comic presentations, and raffle prizes.  Local artists and students of the center will also have their art on display and for sale.  There’s no admission to the event, however proceeds of the raffle and art sales go to the Hoffman Center operating fund.