Film Series Presents “Death on a Rock”

Death on a Rock Graphic 6072The Hoffman Center for the Arts Manzanita Film Series will screen the award-winning 2015 film “Death on a Rock” Friday, July 24 at 7:30 p.m. Admission will be $5.

Written and directed by Scott Ballard, the film follows a young woman whose bright outlook—she loves her job in a flower shop and has a sweet budding relationship with her boyfriend— is rocked by illness.

Days spent in long-term care bring reflection, desperation, and family tension.

The woman’s year of happiness, pain, and growth, are shown through flashbacks and drifting between memories and shifting consciousness.

“Death on a Rock” stars Katy Beckemeyer, Dicky Dahl, and Michael Draper. It was filmed in Portland and Bellingham.

The feature lasts 82 minutes, and refreshments will be available.

Director Ballard also did “A Standing Still,” which was screened at the Hoffman Center in May 2015.

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