If Vincent Van Gogh and Maya Angelou Lived Here

word image logoIt seems that the new Word & Image project has been a little confusing, so here’s an example that might help clarify the concept.



  • Van Gogh submits three paintings he has lying around the house by May 11th deadline:  “Irises”, “Crows over a Wheat Field”, and “The Bedroom.”
  • Maya Angelou submits three poems by May 11th:  “Caged Bird”, “Women Work”, and ”
    Still I Rise.”
  • At the June 13th event, the two of them get randomly paired.
  • Van Gogh chooses one of Maya’s poems to “respond” to with a painting.  Let’s say he chooses “Caged Bird.”
  • Maya chooses “The Bedroom” to write a poem in response.
  • Van Gogh turns in his painting inspired by “Caged Bird” and Maya turns in her poem “The Bedroom” by August 3rd.
  • Then we have a show on August 29th where all four of their works are shown.  Maya’s “Caged Bird” Poem next to Van Gogh’s “Caged Bird” Painting.  Van Gogh’s “The Bedroom” painting next to Maya’s “The Bedroom” poem.  Plus, each of those pairs are printed as a frame-able art piece and offered for sale as a souvenir for people who come to the show.
And by the way, 3-D art is encouraged as well.
If you still have questions send a note to hoffmanwordandimage@gmail.com and either Emily Ransdell or Deborah DeWit will contact you.
For more detailed submission guidelines, click here.

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