Mark your calendars for The Rain Event

rain flyer3 copyLove it or hate it, rain is coming our way.  Mark your calendars — join us as we celebrate winter precipitation at The Rain Event, January 17th, 2015.

Look at what we have lined up: Matt Love will be here to read from his book, Of Walking in Rain.”  Sedona Fire Band, Fineline,  and Cliff & the Lemmings will perform rain music, including: Have You Ever Seen the Rain?, Shelter from the Storm, Early Morning Rain, Crying in the Rain, Rhythm of the Falling Rain and Let it Rain. There’s a deluge of rain songs to choose from!

We’ll have other Rainy Day humorous acts for the audience to participate in and enjoy.  The Clay Studio artists will present a 3-D  Rain Art Show.

Between now and Jan. 17th, consider all the ways you describe rain.  If you bring a word (or words) that describes a quality of rain you’ll get $5 off the entry price for the Rain Event.  The Inuit have a long list of ways to describe snow. At The Rain Event we will be collecting words for rain. We all have heard “sideways rain.” What are some other descriptions of the kinds of rain we experience? Put your creative minds to work and bring us your contribution! After the Event, rain words will be posted on the BBQ list and Hoffman Center blog, —a piece to be read at one the Writer’s Series open mics?  Creativity abounds here. Bring it on!

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