Free Workshop: Calming Nerves After the Storm

nekanie-sq-origCalming Nerves After the Storm:  a workshop for those rattled by the tornado or other unsettling events
The Hoffman Center for the Arts is hosting a free workshop lead by Katja Biesanz, LPC on Sunday, October 23rd at 2:00 pm.
Our bodies are geared to rev up in danger. Our nervous systems can save our lives in an emergency. But sometimes the system stays on high alert, geared to survive the next few minutes only. Then we don’t find our way back after the danger is over. And so rest, sleep, healing, libido, digestion and other systems of normal daily well-being are slow to return to full functioning.
It is not a matter of how much you actually lost or how close to the crisis you were. Your health, your history, your particular state of mind that morning, your sense of responsibility for others, your deep sensitivity — these could all factor into your reaction to the stress of an emergency. Even if you were simply watching news reports from afar.
Come learn simple tools from yoga, somatic work, hakomi,  psychotherapy, navy seal training and qigong — all geared to restore calm, overview, good decisions and relaxed wellbeing.
Katja Biesanz, LPC, is a psychotherapist particularly skilled in addressing trauma. She is grateful to be able to offer her skills to this extraordinary and generous community that has embraced her in the past year. You can contact Katja via email or simply show up for the workshop.  There is no registration necessary.

Katja’s qualifications include:

LPC licensed professional counselor
Certified in Qigong and Yoga
Trained in Hakomi, Martial Arts, EMDR III & Reiki III
much experience with trauma survivors, including veterans, accidents, assault, domestic violence and childhood abuse survivors