Wandering Reel Film Festival Returns on October 20, 2017

The Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival returns to Manzanita Friday, Oct. 20 at 7:30 p.m., with a collection of five short international films at Hoffman Center for the Arts. Michael Harrington, director/curator of the festival, will attend the event to offer a Q&A session. Admission will be $5 at the door.

Built around the theme “In Between Us,” the program features films about the bonds that connect people — often in unexpected ways. The films to be shown are:

“The Tables” Directed by John Bunning (United States)
A look at the powerful connection between a pair of outdoor ping pong tables in the heart of New York City and the unlikely group of people they’ve brought together, from homeless people to investment bankers to gangbangers. (Documentary: 15 min.)

“Big City” Directed by Jordan Bond and Lachlan Ryan (Australia)

Making a friend on the ride home. (Narrative: 9 minutes)

“Into the Blue” Directed by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic (Croatia)
Thirteen-year-old Julija and her mother flee their abusive household to find refuge on an idyllic Croatian island where Julija grew up. Emotionally scarred, Julija is desperate to reconnect with her best friend, Ana. But Ana is in love with a boy and Julija is no longer a priority. (Narrative: 22 min.)

“Anna” Directed by Or Sinai (Israel)
It’s a hot summer’s day, and for the first time in years Anna, a sewing workshop worker, unexpectedly finds herself alone, without her son. She sets out for a free night, roaming the streets of her small desert town, looking for a man who can touch her, even just for one brief moment. (Narrative: 24 min.)

Zela Trovke (Basque Spain): Directed by Asier Altuna
Moritats are old folk songs about crimes and are typical of Central Europe. Zela Trovke is a moritat from Slovakia, which the Holland Baroque Society has recovered to include in its Barbaric Beauty program. Maite Larburu, the orchestra’s violinist, unveils the song’s hidden secrets. (Documentary: 13 min.)

More information on the Wandering Reel program is available online at www.wanderingreel.org.