Talk to Address Aging and Intergenerational Friendship



October 20, 2016
Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 3 p.m.
Hoffman Center for the Arts
Manzanita, Oregon

Hoffman Center for the Arts will host an Oregon Humanities Conversation Project talk — “Just a Number: Aging and Intergenerational Friendship” —
The event will be part of the Center’s Art of Aging Series. Admission will be $5.

Independent scholars Jenny Sasser and Simeon Dreyfuss will lead an open discussion about how people experience aging in community. Questions to be addressed include: How do we acknowledge both the universality of aging and the differences we experience? How do we create meaningful connections with others of different ages and life stages?

“Aging is a life-long experience that is both universal and different for everyone,” according to the Conversation Project’s program explanation. “While people of different generations have wisdom to offer those who are ahead of or behind them in life’s journey, barriers to connection often persist between generations. Many of these barriers are rooted in our ideas about age and aging.”

Sasser is an educational gerontologist, transdisciplinary scholar, and community activist. She has worked in the field of gerontology for more than half her life, beginning as a nursing assistant and aging advocate before focusing on research, writing, and teaching.

Dreyfuss is a writer and independent interdisciplinary scholar. His undergraduate studies were in the interdisciplinary liberal arts with concentrations in writing, literature, anthropology, and philosophy. His graduate work was in English and creative writing.

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