What Everyone Needs to Know about Memory Loss

Art of Aging/of Dying series  Tuesday, September 12 | 3 to 5 pm
Hoffman Center for the Arts | Admission is $5  

Have you ever wondered if your “senior moment” may actually be the beginning of something more serious?  Do you want to know the best way to relate to someone with memory loss?  Have you wondered what more you can do to prevent memory loss?  Learn the answers to these and other questions in a fun, interactive afternoon with videos, games and learning!

Janet Holboke, LCSW and June Longway, PMHNP, BC from Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. (GOBHI) will provide a practical update about memory loss: what we know, what you can do, and how to support people with dementia.

Participants will learn about the difference between normal memory loss and dementia, how behavior changes through the course of Alzheimer’s disease, strategies for relating to someone with memory loss and simple ways to test your memory.  We’ll review the effectiveness of prevention and treatment strategies such as nutritional supplements, brain games and medications.

Janet Holboke is an Older Adult Behavioral Health Specialist with Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. based in The Dalles, Oregon.  Janet is one of 25 specialists around the state working as part of the Older Adult Behavioral Health Initiative.  This initiative sponsors community and professional education events promoting behavioral health awareness and improved services.

June Longway, PMHNP, BC is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years experience in Behavioral Health working with the older population in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. She is currently working with Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. and serves as a consultant.

The event will be held at Hoffman Center for the Arts; 594 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita, OR from 3-5 pm on Tuesday, Sept 12, 2017.  There is a $5 fee to attend.  For more information, contact Janet Holboke at jholboke@gobhi.net

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The Art of Aging/of Dying Series is a program of the Hoffman Center of the Arts and will be held at the Hoffman Center (across from Manzanita Library at 594 Laneda Ave). For more information contact Tela Skinner, at telaskinner@gmail.com

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