2011 Schedule

Month Author/Book Open Mic Theme Workshop
January 15 Brian DoyleMink River Living in a Small Town
February 19 Oregon Book Awards Finalist Tour Winning The Visible WriterKessler/Hager
March 19 PoetryFestPenelope Scambly-Schott

Carlos Reyes

Margaret Chula

Paulann Petersen

No Open Mic Poetry workshops:10:00-Margaret

11:15 – Carlos



April 16 Jane Kirkpatrick (cancelled)A Daughter’s Walk Family History From Fact to Historical Fiction
May 21 Student Open Mic
June 18 Jennifer LauckFound Lost and Found Scene Writing in Seven Steps
July 16 John DanielThe Far Corner Wild
August 20 Naseem RakhaThe Crying Tree


September 17 Mirian GershowThe Local News


Vanishing Writing and Publishing Short Stories
October 15 Jess WalterThe Financial Lives of Poets


November 5– Dark & Stormy Chelsea CainThe Night Season



It was a dark and stormy night… To be announced