Refund Policy For Workshops & Classes

In the event that you are unable to attend a class or workshop that you have paid for:

Option 1:  You can apply the payment toward another workshop in the same calendar year.  Please check the registration page for upcoming workshops and email your preference to to get on the list.

Option 2:  You can opt to consider your payment as a donation—either as a scholarship for others to use for a workshop or as a general donation to the Hoffman Center for the Arts. (And thank you for considering that!)

Option 3:  Get a refund of the payment amount, less a handling fee of $5.  If you registered via PayPal, your refund will be handled that way.  Otherwise a check will be generated for the amount of the tuition less the handling fee.

If the class is cancelled by the Hoffman Center for the Arts due to low registrations, the entire amount will be refunded via PayPal or a check, depending on how the student paid.